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Founded in 2017, COMMEET aims to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 5, 8, 10, 11 and 13 especially, to enhance quality education and gender equality, achieve decent work circumstances and economic growth and, in the process, reduce inequality amongst people. Counterbalancing some of the less favourable aspects of globalisation, we want to stimulate regions and communities anywhere in the world to develop themselves integrally, sustainably and inclusively.
COMMEET has an extensive, worldwide network of experts and advisors at its disposal. Cooperating with these people and with community members, COMMEET has developed so-called Toolkits, which communities can use to work towards goals they have set. Request our Toolkit on Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) and Entrepreneurship now by clicking on the button!


We strongly believe every person wants to be of significance in their lives. COMMEET helps them by facilitating access to knowledge, networks and tools (such as our toolkits).
We aim for a world in which (young) people can develop themselves and their talents, making valuable contributions to the communities they live in. We focus on a bottom-up approach: all members of a community should have a say in its development. In their turn, communities are indispensable in creating fair chances for their future generations. Communities are there for their members, but the members can’t do without their communities!

Good practices

'Unique vision on entrepreneurship'

Katrin Kohl | German Commission for UNESCO | Germany

COMMEET´s promotion of entrepreneurial thinking in communities as an overarching vision of seeing opportunity and fostering innovation contributes to the SDGs in a unique way

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'Making the invisible visible'

Sigfried Janzing | country expert | Bangladesh

COMMEET enables me to develop my skills and knowledge while helping communities in developing countries toward empowerment and learning.

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'Come and meet: improvement through dialogue'

Luc Vandeput | Educational expert | Belgium

In and through COMMEET, we meet, think, discuss, share, develop, emancipate… we’ll make a relevant difference!

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