Policy Plan and Annual Report

The purpose of this page is to publish data necessary for national and international acknowledgements. Here you can find our policy plan, ANBI information and the annual report.

POLICY PLAN NGO COMMEET in the year 2018 2018 was the first full year of existence of NGO COMMEET. Together with our Friends, Advisors and other supporters we went through quite some fascinating developments. Internal management

  • The Board changed considerably, due to personal reasons. In the course of 2018 we started searching for the best colleagues to form a small and dedicated team. Specifically, we tried to find three people who could invest their spare time in the management of the cooperative. By the end of 2018, it looked like this team had been found. The team is planning to start its familiarisation and cooperation during the first 6 months of 2019 and aims to be installed officially by the end of June 2019.
  • Several policy issues have been taken care of. We attracted a good supporting group of advisors, and found and started working with an excellent web-designing agency. We were delighted with the interest of so many experts in the field of Community Development, TVET and Entrepreneurship Training. For us it was a confirmation that our mission and strategy were recognized and well understood.
  • The website of our NGO was renovated and finally published around Christmas 2018. On this website we took the opportunity to explain the COMMEET concept of Community Empowerment for the benefit of TVET and Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile we created a Toolkit to be used freely by potential partners. Until now this Toolkit has been downloaded around 70 times and used actively in different situations all over the world.
  • The NGO received a donation Of EUR 5,000 by Mr. Stienstra, owner of Mercurius Investments in Heerlen, the Netherlands. This donation was gratefully accepted and used to compensate for running office costs and also some travel expenditures.

External policy

  • In the course of 2018 several pilot partners in the field of Community Empowerment were identified, in Bangladesh, in Mexico and in Nigeria. Our partner in Bangladesh, Oasis for Posterity (OfP) created an opportunity to start a project on Community Empowerment for the years to come. NGO COMMEET was asked to act as a main partner in a multinational team, putting in its knowledge and experience in the field of Community Empowerment.
  • The main part of 2018 was dedicated to inform policy makers on all continents about the mission, strategy and partnerships of NGO COMMEET. Presentations were made at the annual Global RCE-congress of United Nations University in CEBU (Philippines), the annual UNECE Conference in Geneva and at the National UNESCO Commission in the Hague, Netherlands.

NGO COMMEET Policy plan for 2019 NGO COMMEET aims to achieve the following short-term goals before the end of 2019. Internal management

  • Installing an effective Board of three persons, to be supported by an efficient administrative staff
  • Developing an effective system of Fund Raising and Sponsorship

Although the activities of NGO COMMEET need to be developed within an adequate revenue model, we are aware of the fact that an NGO will always have to rely on a stable basis of endowments. The estimated funding needed amounts to around EUR 40,000 for the year 2019.

  • Maintaining and extending our beautifully updated COMMEET website

We aim at facilitating our office in such a way that the functioning of our website can be optimized by our own administrative staff.

  • Expanding the organisation to at least fifty Advisors and Friends by the end of 2019

We are continuously looking for new institutional partners and partnerships. We are aware that in today’s world quite some potential partners are looking for possible Joint Ventures to combine efforts and create synergies. NGO COMMEET is preparing and facilitating one of its Advisors for the task of developing and maintaining a Welcoming Practice. It is expected that our projects, advice and mediations will produce these new partners.

  • Continuing to work on an innovative design for our NGO

NGO COMMEET is a global initiative with a local focus. The NGO aims at inspiring, supporting and facilitating communities all over the world to take the responsibility for their future in their own hands. The NGO can only achieve its goals by connecting partners and by exchanging know-how. Our NGO depends to a large extent on virtual communication. Its success depends mainly on its ability to organise a global Management information Structure. This requires out-of-the box thinking and an innovative organisation. For this we expect and ask the help of professional institutes in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). External policy

  • Upgrading NGO COMMEET’s name and brand-awareness. This will be mainly effectuated by participating in projects, by giving advice and support, by joining international conferences, and by publishing meaningful articles and messages in magazines and on Social Media.
  • Acquiring at least three acknowledgments of international organisations. These organisations will be searched in the field of ESD and the SDGs.
  • Realising three active partnerships with other NGOs
  • Creating one Community Empowerment project as a showcase for potential new partners We decided that this demonstration project should be the Bangladesh experiment at Oasis for Posterity in Balagram, where an existing educational centre will be extended, upgraded and aligned with regional policy developments. The main features of this project will be
  • Better coordination with TVET-training
  • Optimal Community input
  • Community Based Entrepreneurship Training
  • More chances for women and youth.

The project will hopefully acquire 50% funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

ANBI INFO The Foundation CBTVET/NGO COMMEET’s RSIN number is 8501.38.802 The Postal Address is, in conformity with its statutes: JHCM Hermans, Jodenstraat 27, 6166 CG Geleen, The Netherlands. Mail address: jos.hermans@commeet.org or info@commeet.org Board members do not receive any remuneration for their work. The only payments are for covering travel costs and other expenditures; there is an annual verification for these compensations.

Financial reports for 2017, 2018 and 2019 can be found below. 

General Information
The COMMEET Foundation or COMMEET Fellowship aims to facilitate and stimulate regionally based community empowerment. The Foundation tries to reach this aim by establishing an information centre, by spreading relevant information and knowledge and by stimulating new developments for regionally relevant education. The Foundation also aims to engage in all the activities that can help it to achieve it aims. The Foundation was established on 19 April 2017 and is listed in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 51713284. The financial reports have been drawn up according to the rules mentioned below in this annual account. In 2019 the Board of the Foundation CBTVET / NGO Commeet consisted of J.H.C.M. Hermans, chair, Maarten Schrevel, secretary, R.W.J.M. Braeken, treasurer and P. Ramakers, co-chair, management and control. 

General Principles for drawing up the annual account
The annual account has been drawn up on the basis of the historic opening balance. The assets and liabilities are valued against their nominal values, unless mentioned otherwise. This is based primarily on keeping accounts according to the principles of the cash accounting scheme. At the period closure corrections will be made for any possible accrued assets and liabilities.

Principles for the valuation of assets and liabilities
Cash and cash equivalents are valued against their nominal value.
Debts are valued against their nominal value, unless determined otherwise. With regard to debts owed to group companies and other related organisations affiliated to the Foundation, agreements have been made that such debts only need to be paid when the liquidity position of the Foundation allows.
Principles for determining the result The result is determined as the difference between the net turnover and the costs and other liabilities during the accounting period, with due regard to the above principles of valuation. Profits are recognized in the year the goods have been delivered or the services have been provided. Losses originating in the financial year are accounted for as soon as they are foreseen.

Balance Sheet per 31 December 2017

ASSETS  1 November 201731 December 2017
Current assets   
debtors € 0.00€ 0.00
Cash and cash equivalents  
Bank account IBAN NL80 RABO 0324196962€ 0.00€ 3,487.65
Foundation capital€ 0.00€ 3,487.65


Net turnover / donations€ 5,000.00 
Bank charges € 6.90
Management costs € 1,254.45
Various costs € 251.00
Result € 3,487.65

Balance sheet per 31 December 2018

ASSETS  31 December 201731 December 2018
Current assets  
debtors€ 0.00€ 0.00
Cash and cash equivalents  
Bank account IBAN NL80 RABO 0324196962€ 3,487.65€ 1,875.74
Foundation capital€ 3,487.65€ 1,875.74


Net turnover / donations € 0.00 
Bank charges € 120.33
Management costs € 1,129.56
Various costs € 362.02


Profit and loss account for 2019

no income in 2019 
Results 2019– € 1,611.91
Total costs 2019 
€ 1,694,59 
Bank charges€ 119.38
Charges public notary€ 288.86
Travelling costs€ 988.34
Various costs€ 298.01
Bank balance on 1 January 2019€ 1875.74
Bank balance 31 December 2019 €   181.15
Decrease Bank balance€ 1694.59

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