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We are happy you have taken the time to check out COMMEET’s website. There are two likely reasons for this:

A. You are looking for information on how to start a project in your own region

You have come to the right place! Whether you are an educator, professional, entrepreneur, employer, student, government official, member of the community or otherwise, you will find advice and inspiration here. We can offer you:

  1. Advice on the best strategy for your region. Start with downloading one of our free toolkits. We are always available for additional information and advice, just contact us. Even on-site support is an option. For more information on our two toolkits please see the homepage
  2. Inspiration through examples of good practice. COMMEET showcases community-involved projects, for which please see Good practices

B. You wish to support COMMEET’s cause

At COMMEET we welcome everybody who wants to contribute. For more information please see the Volunteer Information Sheet. There are many ways for you to help us:
  1. Become a COMMEET Friend to show your support and endorsement on our website. This will not put you under any obligation. Scroll down to join our large group of friends!
  2. Become a COMMEET Fellow and actively contribute to our good cause on a voluntary basis. All help is welcome! Your skills, expertise, experience and personal preferences determine what you can do for us. We normally expect Fellows to spend 1-2 hours per week on their task. Groups of Fellows work on tasks independently. Tasks include: 
  • Doing research and development and contributing to the production of new Toolkits; right now we plan the revision of the TVET toolkit and the production of a new toolkit on Climate Change.
  • Supporting regional projects through in-depth advice or, possibly, on site.
  • Contributing to our external Communication and Profiling: raising awareness, expanding our network and connecting people, for instance through social media.
  • Contributing to our management: internal organisation, administration, finance.
    For more information please see the List of Available Tasks

The key component of COMMEET’s approach is community empowerment. We promote, for instance (youth) employment, lifelong learning, the inclusion of migrants, etc. in communities worldwide.
Inspire others by sharing your own project. Inspire your peers, inspire us. Share your own experiences with those working to achieve the same goal as you.

Your financial contribution is always most welcome! COMMEET is a not-for-profit Fellowship, run by volunteers. Please contact us if you wish to contribute. COMMEET enjoys ANBI status, which may make you eligible for tax reduction. If you cannot contribute financially, you can also help us by making staff available, for instance for a couple of hours per week or month.

For more information please contact us.  

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